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I searched n didnt find anything here, though my pc skills are almost as good as my second language skills....none

Here in Korea (south, I'm not too keen on the regime further up), dog cafes are very popular. I've been to two here.

You pay a fee, usually around 5 to 6 US$ per person n about half that for the dog to enter. You get a coffee or juice included.

It's usually quite a large open space with tables and chairs around the outside, and often has a terrace when the weather permits.

A lot of them double up as doggy day care centers for workers or shoppers. Most of them have weight limits on the dog's, so you wont get one huge dominant one and the rest tiny things! Most dogs here are small anyway, apartment living and general lack of green space for owners to let their dogs run in.

In a country that talking to strangers is a rare phenomenon, I've found it's a great way for my dog to learn how and be allowed to socialise, yes it extends to dog's! Owners are often reluctant to let dogs be dogs here. Plus, the ones I've been to anyway, have a trainer checking and making sure everything is ok. One even gave us some advice on making our dog more relaxed and helped her to make a friend or two as a result. The owners told us when they come and we will plan our visits earned with that info.

No real point to this post, just wanted to share what I've found and maybe if there are dog cafes where you are and your experiences.

Stay pawsome!

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Yes, that does sound like a fun new way to make friends!

Awhile back, a friend told me about a fascinating dog-friendly restaurant. It's got everything, from a pretty sports bar themed indoor restaurant and outdoor eating area, well-staff dog park areas, and on-site groomer so you can enjoy yourself eating while Fifi gets clean. Here's a video about it:

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