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Cool statistics but I'd need to see more info about how it works?

Did I miss that information all I saw were #s.

IMHO testing 500 dogs is a pretty darn big sample size.. but I deal with #s daily and I know how easy it can be manipulated too.

500 dogs from all over the USA?
500 dogs from one state?
500 dogs all under 1yrs old?
500 dogs 15yrs old?
500 dogs hand picked that show X temperament?
500 dogs randomly chosen?

I`m not saying the data is useless but w/out the above questions answered and more I think all the data for any breed could be off.

I`m a factual number dork :eek: so statistics mean almost 0 to me unless I can see some data about how the #s were gathered :D

I love #s and making my own stats but I also know explaining to people how it works etc is very time consuming and sometimes down right hard :) #s are a tricky game and can be manipulated easy.

Either way, the stats are cool I jsut wish I saw more information.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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