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Does anyone need anything photoshopped?

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I love messing around with photoshop, and and am getting quite good at it!
I can make your poodle a different color, add things in the picture ( bows on
the dogs ears, a pumpkin, a diff. background, anything!) take two different
pictures and combine them into one, etc.

I just need something to work on...lol! So name it...and I will give it my
best shot!
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Here ya go Wonderpup, I raided your photobucket and found this and
played around with it. :p

Hope ya like. :D

IPP- No u can just attatch your pics, tell me what you want done
to them or let me just be creative, lol.


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I am not MM, but I do know a little about graphic editing programs. Photoshop is the best thing out there (in my opinion), but I find Corel paint shop pro to be a little more user friendly. I do use photoshop, too..but my main program is paint shop pro. There are tons of tutorials on both programs if you google it.

There are tons of graphic editing programs, and it really depends on how much you want to spend or how much you want to do with your program. Photoshop elements is also a great program. It is like photoshop for beginners...or a scaled down photoshop for people who don't really need the high end program just for personal use. I highly recommend it. I use that program, too, on occasion.

I have licensed some of my graphics to Scrapbook factory deluxe ver. 3.0 and the new 4.0 version. This program is great for just adding photos to scrapbook layouts, calendars, cards or flyers, but not for editing graphics or photos.

Ok, I am rambling. I will stop now. lol

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off topic I know but sorry - I have adobe photoshop is that the same thing as just photoshop? I used paint shop pro too and LOVED it but when I got my laptop the program wasn't vista ready so I can't use it. Is there a new version of paint shop that can be loaded onto Vista now?

MM, I have some new photos, I'm waiting for them to upload now :)
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