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Do your boys have a hard time choosing?

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Harry has a hard time choosing who he wants to hang out with sometimes. If I'm in our family room on the computer and my husband is hanging out in another room of the house, Harry goes back and forth, back and forth, trying to make up his mind who he is going to hang out with. I know girls tend to be more of a one person dog but boys love everyone and it's funny when he's trying to check on everyone when we are all in different areas of the house.
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Mister is super panpered and is usually with me all the time. If im at the barn he's with me or in the truck, if im at work he's at work. If im in my room hes in my room. At night he sleeps with me in my bed. The only exception is when my dad gets home he stays in the living room for about an hour while my dad throws his ball and plays with him. Its the cutest thing ever. Mister loves him so much too.
Oh and lately he';s been SUCH a cuddlebug! Im up in the recliner on the comp and he puts his front paws up and looks at me with those big eyes and i say ok and he hops up and lays on me lol. My 48 pound lap dog!! I wouldnt have it any other way though. He truely is the chosen child. My dream dog as so many other people have said about their spoos. I always hear people saying they want a spoo but then when they get another do0g its some lab mix or some pound pup. Thats all well and good but i was super anal and only sought out a spoo because i knew thats what i wanted. I wouldnt settle for anything less, ya know?
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