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Do you favor one of your dogs more?

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I have a confession to make. I have my dog Paris who I talk about here all of the time, when the truth is, I also have two other poodles! An 11 year old white toy poodle named Rosie, and a 10 year old black poodle named Annie.
10 years ago I bread my non registered sweet little Rosie and she produced two cute little non registered puppies. Annie, who I kept, and Morgan, who lives across the street. They are a tight knit little family whom we love very much but for some reason never talk about on this message board.

Do you favor one of your dogs over the others? I have such guilt that I do more for Paris than the other dogs! Paris is a gifted therapy dog so I have to keep her socialized. I can't handle taking all three of the dogs with me at once so I always take Paris. *sobbing in guilt* (not really)

But do you beat yourself up for favoring one over the other? How do you cope?
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I think if you own more then one dogs its going to happen :p I have 5 of my own dogs and my mom has two...all in the same house.

My "favorite" would have to be my Toy Poodle mix Cher tied with my dog who I have had for almost 11 years Clover
I favor "Maddie," my Miniature cream poodle over our other 4 dogs, them being
bigger outside dogs.:p

Chicky, your white poodle looks exactly like Maddie's Dam! :eek::)
Oh I totally do. I favor my standard over my chihuahua all the time. But I don't feel bad because when we go out...EVERYONE loves my chihuahua and wants to hold it. My standard doesn't get too much attention except from the poodle people of the world for the most part. He doesn't care about other people too much..just me!
I favor my standard Poodle as well. I have 2 other dogs that I had prior to him but Eli is just extra special. I love them all but I enjoy taking Eli out more than my others. He goes everywhere with me.
Unfortunately yes i do favor my standard over my chihuahua and my 13 year old girl. He goes everywhere with me but all three get to go to work with me so that way no one feels too left out.
favor one dog?

I hate to admit it but I do favor Ginger. I waited a long time for her and I had her name before I even found her. She was only 6 weeks old when I brought her home. I love Teddy too but he is annoying lol he is so excitable! I call him Mr. Excitement. He paces and paces before he lays down - or keeps pacing and I have to tell him over and over to lay down - I know you're not supposed to say it more than once but he drives me crazy sometimes. However, when I pet Ginger I pet him at the same time so he won't know. hee hee - I wonder if they know? Gabie would be my next favorite - she's the smallest mini and so adorable! i have to get a camera so I can share pictures. I only have old ones. I love this forum! Ginger is my avatar - here is Gabie
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