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Do you baby your dogs?

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I know with toy breeds it's easy to do because they are so small and they do little cute things that are so human like that you can't help but treat them like humans. So whether you have the small, medium, or larger size of the breed, do you baby them? If you do, how?
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Yes v.v;
The whole crate thing...we have one for elphie
but I think shes been in hers MAYBE twice and only 5 minutes each of those times
she does this AWFUL whimpering that sounds like shes dying so I have to get her out of the crate and cuddle her in bed xDD

and treats, we take her to the local pet store...and the woman gives Elphie about 10 treats every time we're in xDD
shes so cute though...how can't you just wanna baby her?! lol
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