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Do you baby your dogs?

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I know with toy breeds it's easy to do because they are so small and they do little cute things that are so human like that you can't help but treat them like humans. So whether you have the small, medium, or larger size of the breed, do you baby them? If you do, how?
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Ha ha no! Anyone you ask will say that i train in a harder manner than most. I am their boss and they will listen.
I have Mister who is 50 lbs and he is treated like a dog. I also have a 5 pound Chihuahua that is treated like a dog, no purses or carrying her around everywhere. She actually prefers to run on the ground with my other dogs.
When you get to babying dogs you get problems. They need to know where they stand in your life. It makes their job easier and yours too.
My dogs listen to a T because thats what i expect of them. The Chihuahua and the Spoo alike!
I might ask you for some advice with Harry then. I'm having problems getting him to do a down for me. I don't know why he will sit on command in an instant but down is another story.
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