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Do you baby your dogs?

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I know with toy breeds it's easy to do because they are so small and they do little cute things that are so human like that you can't help but treat them like humans. So whether you have the small, medium, or larger size of the breed, do you baby them? If you do, how?
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I do baby him in a sense... he's my momma's boy. :) I have him sit with me/on me a lot, love having him sleep in the bed next to me, and I baby-talk him a lot and give him LOTS of kisses and pets. I get him really good quality food/treats, and lots of toys and chews.
BUT I also don't take any crap from him. If he barks at someone, jumps up, or is naughty at all, I correct him and follow through with any punishment immediately. I'm very firm with him when he misbehaves, so he's in general a good little dog. :) I want to give people the best impression of poodles I can. Most people think they are yappy/stupid or whatever, so I like to show off his manners and tricks. He's very friendly and playful too so people are generally surprised that a poodle can be a fun dog.
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