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Just double checked with 'mum', Poppy's poop schedule remained normal during her heat.
Some of her poos were a bit softer than usual.
She certainly was a lot less active, being on the lead for nearly 4 weeks, and somewhat less playful indoors.
Before her season she weighed in at 7.4 kg.
Post heat her weight went up to 7.8Kg - down to lack of 'zoomies' and maybe water retention.

I guess though that it would not be unusual for poop schedule to be interupted by such events as season, spaying, or some other major event like moving home ?
Same for us ?:)

Wow, 3rd heat?
Gosh, you're brave!
Up to Poppy having her first season I was somewhat anti spaying - 'can't put our little girl through such a thing, major operation for the girls....'
Halfway through her season I wanted to get the spaying booked!
Felt so sorry for her, mostly because no 'fun'.
And really if you are not going to breed then why 'run the risk '?

'Ms Poopy' - yup, can well imagine that was a moment... but such an endearing image:)
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