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I don't know enough about dogs. The thread about the poodle being neutered and not wanting to stand up had me thinking because I noticed Basil's poop schedule was off beat when she went through heat. I contributed 90% of it to the fact she was sitting around more so the poops were jostling out at their normal rate.

From what I understand it - Due to being more a couch potatoe, she wasnn't burning as many calories, therefore she wasn't as hungry, therefore less ruffage was moving through here, so her popp schedule seemed less predictable at different times. Is that right?

Other factors could included hormones - obviously - to which degree, I don't now.

So, I guess my question is, is it safe to assume that when a dog goes under some life event where their less active like after a neuter or after a surgery or being spayed or in "couch" mode of being in heat, that their poop routine will start to be less regular and predictable due to inactivity?

I have our 3rd heat coming up and our unscheduled spay in the future.

We had a messy 2nd heat.. Ms Poopy butt at 1:30am during the summer of the "Seattle heat wave" (omg)
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