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I've always loved dogs but had to wait for the right time to get one. We've had our miniature schnauzer boy for just over 2 years and we're wanting to get another dog maybe in a year or so time. I'm starting early as I know most people join a forum after they get a dog when they would have benefitted joining earlier especially when it comes to finding out about grooming etc

Don't get me wrong we absolutely adore our boy but there's so many dog breeds and life's too short to only have one breed.

He loves other dogs but does prefer something around his own size to do zoomies with. Mini poodle was on our original list of breeds when deciding what to have. So how do mpoo get along with other breeds? My boy is still entire and I know some breeds don't get along with same sex in a family is this the case with mpoos ? Would you advise boy or girl?

Even better is there anyone with a poodle and a schnauzer what do you notice about the difference in the breeds ?
Lots of questions please feel free to add anything else
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