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I had a lady recently tell me that she will only breed for blacks and silvers because their temperaments were more laid back and easy going than the the other colors. She also told me to stay away from the deep reds as they tend to be very hyper and often aggressive. I've never heard this before so my first impression was she just wanted to sell me one of her puppies. But it did make me wonder.

I started remembering all my poodles from the past. My black poodles were actually the ones with the most energy and play in them. They were all males and very vocal. They always had something to say! LOL! My silver girl had LOTS of energy and loved to RUN. But she would calm right down...for about 10 seconds...and sit with me. My apricots, all females, were the most loving and gentlest. They just wanted to be by my side and lay near me. VERY laid back those girls. My whites, all females, were talkers! They all had opinions and had to tell me what was on their minds...constantly! LOL! They were the most testy and could throw an attitude in a minute. Little Divas!

I don't know, really, if color had anything to do with their personalities. This is just my observation from my life with my poodles. I loved each and every one of them for their unique, funny, and loving natures.

So, tell me, are the redheads really "firey?" LOL!
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