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on a more serious note I don't think temperment is 100% heriditary though it does play a big role in it. I think a puppy can be predisposed to certain traits but some depends too on enviromental factors which together add up to how a puppy's temperment develops. Who is to say that those shy puppies out of such and such line are shy b/c of the way they are raised. Who can say that the ones born outside in other "kennels" are not shy-ish because of how the dam acts? I think puppies do pick up on things by observation as do adult dogs. There is a therory out there with some behaviorist that all behavior is learned, the first bark just happens but every bark after that is a learned behavior based on the first time. A puppies temperment is the base of it's future behaviors so how can one be 100% sure that the tendancy towards certain temperment traits is not also to a slight degree learned?

I think it's such an interesting topic to me, I could sit here and read about stuff like this all night (except I have to get up and judge 4-H exibits in the morning lol)

All that said I do think stupidity gets passed down... we "borrowed" a stud dog from Scotland for a year and every single one of the puppies he sired, I think there are five litter total - we stored him before he left, here in the states is and sorry there is no way to sugar coat it amazingly dumb in that goofy I ment to do that sort of way. They are also get on your nerves sweet. When a fellow breeder was told my another breeder that Gable pups were just well different temperment wise she couldn't beleive it and pested my mother and I for months to explain. At that point we'd only had the one litter out of him and there were two others on the ground from people who had used him. I was at a loss as how to explain it so she could understand. The puppies, every last one of them, is that wiggly and happy and in your lap 24/7 but can't figure out how to jump up on the couch like the other FIVE dogs in the hosuehold. I used to joke that with the bloodline we were working with in tibz that intelligence skipped a generation. The father of our foundation stud super smart, Ike our first boy - not so much, Howie his son Super smart, Howie puppies Not so much, (with the exception maybe of Mr. Wonderful? Jury is still out on him). We did a line breeding several years ago for a specific purpose and used one "not so much" generation bred back to another "not so much" We got Super Puppy, scary smart. Thankgod there was only one in the litter.
I agree, it is mostly heriditary, but also a lot how they are raised and socialized young. I was worried about the genes when I got my puppy, Cozi. The breeder was very honest when I asked over the phone about the parents and she said that the mother is very wary of strangers and shy, but that it was because the breeders' father was sick right when she was supposed to be socializing her as a young puppy, and therefore, she hadn't even met people until 6 months old or so.

I was very wary at first but decided to check out the litter anyways, and I'm glad I did. all 4 pups were absolutely the most outgoing, in your face puppies I've ever met. AND her story, about the mother, seemed legit. While she was not overly friendly to myself and my husband,s he was not at all mean and she was soooo lovey to the breeder, herself.

The sister of the mother was the typical happy, outgoing poodle as well, greeting us excitedly, as was the father.

We decided to get Cozi and she has been the most outgoing puppy, loving everyone, and she even has a little puppy fit if she sees someone and isn't able to say hello...sits nicely and the little tail goes crazy hoping the person will come over lol....

Overall, I was definitely scared of the heriditary shyness, but either it was just the mother's socialization issues and they didn't get passed down, or our pup takes after her father entirely.

Either way, we are very happy with her!
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