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Did that tent just BARK at me?

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This morning as we were taking our morning walk we discovered that one of the neighbors had pitched a tent in his yard. I assume the grandkids are having a campout.

Galen was fascinated. He's never seen a tent before. He's going through a bit of a fear stage, so novelties catch his interest. Pogo gave it a glance and continued on. Meh. Tents are boring. Then...the tent barked at him. Apparently the grandkids had brought their little terrier out to sleep with them. Suddenly both Pogo and Galen were riveted by this tent. Of course I didn't want the terrier to go nuts and shred the tent, so I dragged my boys away before they went into a frenzy of barking.
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Oh to know what went thru their minds right then!

Puts me in mind of the first time I heard my purse ring lol📞
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