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Did I mention

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That I found a fabulous home for Ginger? It's been a while and I wanted to make sure it was working out for her but she ended up in the perfect setting for her. Middle aged woman at a time in her life where her kids are all almost grown, married and one grandchild that lives pretty far from her so Ginger is her doll and her new child. She couldn't have gotten better parents. When I get enough equipment I plan on grooming her for her for a smaller fee than what she'd pay at the groomers. She still contacts me to tell me about her. Best ending ever for that sweetheart.
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What great news. You certainly deserve high kudos for finding the perfect home and getting her ready for it. You have saved a life.

It can be very hard because you find out the worst about people. And there's only so much you can do. Congratulations and thanks for what you did.
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