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For performance sports people generally prefer the dewclaws be left intact as it gives dogs better traction, and it is a common belief that removal of the dewclaws causes some nerve degeneration or muscle atrophy (I forget which) of the associated areas that can make them more prone to some injuries. But I do not think it is a major concern. I viewed it as a plus if my pup came with his dewclaws, but it would not have been a deciding factor for me.

I do see how it somewhat complicates grooming of the paws. Whenever I brush I have to take care not to brush against the dewclaw digit. I do not find clipping them to be difficult though. Misha did break one of his dewclaw nails when he was younger, but it was just the base of the nail that was broken and it healed and grew out fine.

I do wonder if potential buyers understand what a dewclaw is. I find many people think you're talking about rear dewclaws. Many dogs have front dewclaws intact, so I don't think most would see it as something weird if they know what you're talking about. Maybe explain what they are and your reasoning more thoroughly.

I don't think it's necessarily a bad decision to remove them, but I also think you're justified if you want to keep them.
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