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Dew Claws - Trying to decide if to remove them in my newly born litter

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Hello! My Female Standard just had her first litter yesterday (yay!) and everything has been going great. Prior to the puppies being born I decided to keep tails as I personally feel it is just for cosmetic reasons to remove and un necessary. I read up a lot on dew claws and also decided that of all the dogs I’ve owned most have dew claws and I’ve never had an issue with them. So I was not going to remove them either. However now people are contacting me about the poodles and it seems people are turned off about the dew claws. Most are fine with the tails not being docked. I was not expecting dew claws to be a deciding factor on someone purchasing one. I’ve read that they help dogs and then I’ve read that they cause issues like getting ripped off and are more harm than good. Anyone have experience with this? Doesn’t help that I watched a YouTube video of someone ripping them off so I feel bad getting it done to the pups. Thank you!