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I applaud keeping the full tail. I'm still not sure about dew claws.
Snarky ripped a dewclaw as an adult dog. He had gotten excited about something and was doing zoomies on the stairs. Being a klutz, he then fell down the stairs and caught the claw on the way down. The claw tendon sheared a small piece of bone off the leg as it pulled away.
It was a hassle and a pain all around. Of course, he did it on a Saturday, so I couldn't get him into our vet for two days. I had been planning to go on vacation that week. That trip got cancelled; I didn't want to dump the post surgery wound care on the friend who was going to dog sit. Of course I was out the airfare for the cancelled trip. Then I had to keep him on a leash and keep his leg dry for two weeks. It rained. (Why wouldn't it? Sigh.) So I had to walk him with a plastic bag on his leg. It was a really frustrating couple weeks.

What I don't know is whether Snarky's experience was a really rare incident or something more common. None of my friends have had it happen. Without knowing, I haven't decided if it's worth surgically removing all dewclaw to prevent some accidents. People sometimes shut their car doors on their dog's tail. I'm not going to advocate docking dog tails just because a few owners and dogs are klutzes.
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