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Yes, this is the right subforum for this kind of question. It covers all things technical related to planning, mating, breeding, whelping, and care of infant puppies and the dam.


Tail docking and dew claw removal, when performed, is done in the first five days of life by a vet or an experienced breeder. If you have never done a dewclaw removal of infants, I encourage you leave it to a vet. If you had a vet who did prenatal care, most will charge one basic price for the litter, rather than by the puppy.

Now, you said you have potential owners who want the tail not to be docked, but do not want the dew claws. Dechi is right that clipping the dew claw nails is a chore.

Also, many hunters and police dogs have these removed in puppies to be used to avoid them being torn or injured.
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