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Desperate times call for...

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children's clothing.

Perry has no body fat. Literally. The kid is skin and bones. However, we think we may have figured out why, so to check, we're getting a fecal done tomorrow. Or rather I am "collecting a sample" aka bringing poop to the vet in a ziploc.

Anyway, I was wanting to get him something with sleeves because when he comes in he is frozen. Tonight at Target, I got him a pack of long sleeve onesies. It works!

What a little nerd.


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Lol, so do you just happen to catch him when his ears do the rabbit?
Hahaha, he doesn't even look bothered.
Lol, are you kidding me? He loves clothes! Admittedly, so do I... but I have two dogs that enjoy wearing clothes (like they know they're special, and hold themselves differently with them on)... so it's fun to put them in them. TheQueen will even go get a sweater and bring it to you to be put on!

Lol, so do you just happen to catch him when his ears do the rabbit?
lol! I didn't even notice that! Well, when he spends half his time jumping on my legs trying to be picked up, I tend to get a lot of ear flop pictures. :)
I think you need to post more pictures of your crew.
I should! I haven't many of the boys (the big ones), but TQ has millions of pictures because she's a little camera whore. She loves it, lol. I'll make note and post some of them soon!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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