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Hello Daabor ! It’s very nice of you to ask, I’ve had a good summer !

Problems usually arise when winter approaches, in october or november. That’s when we stop going outside and close all windows because it’s too cold. To help me breathe better in my house, I’ve just had an air exchanger installed. This machine will bring fresh air from outside all through the house and expulse stale air outside. They had to pierce holes in the walls and floors to install it; I still have some repairs to do because of it. It’s a big ordeal and I’m hoping it helps.

I had one before moving two years ago and did not have major breathing problems, so I’m hoping it will fix this, even though the guy who sold it to me doesn’t think so. I still have crackles when I breathe but my doctor doesn’t think it’s asthma. We have to figure out what it is.

So only time will tell but I’m optimistic. I’ll keep you posted. :)

ETA : I just realized you might have been asking about Beckie’s allergies ? If so I’ll update about that too soon, I have a thread for it.
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