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"Debby" Harmony's Highland Debut

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Deb is the first poodle I've bred. I love this little girl. She is the best lap dog I've ever owned. She has been shown a little this year. (about 20 shows) and has 11 points with both majors -- all owner handled.


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What beautiful poodles!
I so enjoyed visiting your website... congratulations on the lovely wins and good luck on completing Deb's last little bit. She is absolutely gorgeous and you should be very proud of the great job you are doing! (in many ways)

And Samoydes too? Do you still have any? One of my pups lives with a Ch Samoyed... he still goes out as a Special... and Sienna goes along with them. When he gets back from the ring, she goes in his kennel with him. It's so fun to see pictures of two different breeds, like that, love each other.
Welcome to the forum as well,
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