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"Debby" Harmony's Highland Debut

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Deb is the first poodle I've bred. I love this little girl. She is the best lap dog I've ever owned. She has been shown a little this year. (about 20 shows) and has 11 points with both majors -- all owner handled.


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Wow, I'm impressed and encouraged with your handling Deb to 2 Majors and 11 points! She is well on her way to becoming a champion. Was it hard to find shows where she could earn a major? I've been going to shows for the past 2 1/2 years and have only seen 1 show (just last weekend) where there were enough minis competing to earn a major. How many shows did it take you to start feeling a little comfortable in showing her?

Congratulations on your success!
For some reason this year, we have been to a lot of shows with Majors. Deb's first 8 shows were all majors (she won one of them) Then, her last six shows have been majors (she won one of those). She has only been in 8 show that were not majors. I guess we just have a lot of Mini bitches in Colorado right now.

I showed my own Samoyeds for over twenty years, so the "ring" part of poodles is my comfort zone. It is the grooming part that makes me very uncomfortable. With Debby and Davin, I pay a groomer to do all the show grooming. I maintain them and groom them after they retire. My hope is to someday be able to groom my own show poodle, but that may be years away.
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