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Dark poodle skin...

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Why does a poodle's skin darken when it's shaved? Is it suntanning or something else?

Just wondering...

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yup, it's sun tanning. :)

A good example is if you can find the photos of Taffy who was in the continental trim with hip rosettes, and then got her whole butt shaved down into her current 'lion' trim; leaving lovely little pink circles where her rosettes were and a line around her tummy where her jacket was! TOO cute, and a perfect example of tan lines! hehehe
Part of it is pigment too. There are some Cream/Whitle poodles who have very pink skin no matter how much they are put in the sun.
Huh... Thanks for the replies, flyingduster and cbrand.

I was wondering because I saw a spoo pup today (approx. 6 months old) and he had never been clipped (he was shaggy!! :scared:) and when the groomer shaved him, his skin was black!! (okay, I'm exaggerating, it wasn't black but it was pretty dark.)

I thought that was pretty interesting. I guess it was just his pigment.

Oh, I guess I should mention this was a cream poodle. LOL.. :dance:

I wish I had taken pictures. :(

**off to go find Taffy's naked pics...** (oops, that sounded dirty!) :laugh:
I love dark pigment. Thats my next spoo, a white or cream, with nice dark pigment. :):)
Found Taffy's x-rated pics! :laugh:

OMG Taffy! LOL

She is just the cutest! That clip is very sexy!! :wink:
Beau's skin is dark under his cream fur. You can really see it when his face is shaved, fresh from the groomer. (And he went yesterday. Yea!) His whole expression really changes as his muzzle gets furry and lightens from dark gray to white. His legs are also quite dark, when you can see them through the fluffy lamb-cut pantaloons. I wanted to put him in a Miami or "circus dog" clip, with shaved legs and braclets, both for convenience sake and because I think the contrast would be striking. But my daughter said no way, so he's a lamb until summer, at least.
Found Taffy's x-rated pics!

OMG Taffy! LOL

She is just the cutest! That clip is very sexy!! :wink:

OMG! Dianne picked this up and sent it to me....I'm laughing hysterically!! I kind of wondered what people were going to think about those OBVIOUS pink parts!! :rofl: X-rated, hey? :pound:

Yes, her pigmentation is light but she does tan up nicely then looks like she has a darker pigment.

We laughed so hard when we saw her after we clipped her. We were thinking if we had clipped off all of her hair, she would like like a piggly-wiggly or one of those pinkies they feed to the snakes.

Boy, I hope we didn't hurt her self-confidence.
LOL!!! :dance: :laugh:

Taffy's two pink circles kinda look like a tanned woman's bare chest where you can see the tan lines where her bikini top was.

Okay... a very flat chested woman.

LOL!! :rofl:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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