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Darcy just keeps growing!

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My puppy has been with me for over 5 weeks now! He's a total character and so much fun.

Some photos from the last few weeks.

12 weeks enjoying some water

12 and a half weeks on a break from work in his new harness

Watching the world go by

Intently watching a pigeon (he's obsessed)
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Pine cones, his other obsession

His mom came for a visit!

"Come on mom, play with me"

Tug of war
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Oh you really got some cute pics. He is growing so fast.
He is such a sweetheart! What a blast he gets to play with his Mom. I've been looking for new pictures. He is so puppy fluffy!
That is so cool that his mom came over to play. I love that!

He's so adorable! :)
He is so puppy fluffy!
I know, he needs a clip! He's totally scared of the clippers though (and very strong) so we need to do some desensitization so that it's not dangerous when we're trying to do his nose. The breeder is going to help us out within the next few weeks to do it...
Awww!! I saw a new sig. picture and was intently waiting for updated pictures before i bugged you. Such a character!! Love him!!
Here's a couple more my dad sent me.

Darcy meets his first horses (he barked at them)

And wades in the shallows of Lake Ontario. I think he'll be swimming before the summer's over!
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He is getting so darned cute, and I do not think your smile could get much bigger!!!
Darcy is sooooo cute! And it's so cool that he gets to see his mom. Nickel's breeder is just too far away :(

Keep the pictures coming!!
He's getting so big!!! It's amazing how fast they grow. Glader is getting too big to hold. I'm gonna miss snuggling my baby pup. I love to see how they change as they grow.
I love the picture with the horse! The biggest thing Zulee has met is a lab! I would love to see her reaction to a horse.
Can't believe Darcy's already been with you for 5 weeks. He is so cute and full of life. Love that his mom came to visit and that they were playing tug of war. Who won? He looks like he's holding his own in the pic! Keep the photos coming.
They do grow up way too fast!! He looks adorable and I cannot wait to see vid of him swimming!!
Such cuteness! I love the last pic in the first set. His expression is absolutely adorable.
OMG Darcy is such a sweetheart, soooooooooooo cute. They share same obsessions with Monti, pine cones and birds - actually anything moving :rolffleyes:. And one more, doesn't like to be groomed :doh:, but they look so nice after, good luck with that :). Post some pictures after his hair cut :).
oh he is so sweet!! I am so happy you have your lovely puppy. I'm so fond of that cute fuzzy puppy face
Black toy Poodle

He's so cute. I wish I could get pix of my little Guido. He is a black toy also. But when I photograph him he looks like a black blob. Your little guy is so cute.
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