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Dana got spayed today

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Here's poor little drugged Dana after her spay.

Now, I've got to keep her quiet for 2 weeks! :scared: I don't think Dana knows how to be quiet! LOL...


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Poor you! I hope she feels like her old self soon and I hope it's not too difficult for you. Best wishes! :)
Oh poor sweet honey!! We are sending her fast healing thoughts, and hugs and kisses! She'll be back to herself in no time!!
Awwww....poor, sweet girl! You have quite a challenge ahead of you. Wishing you the best and a quick healing for her.

Redcricket, you say the nicest things!
Aww poor baby girl, she looks so out of it. Poor you, I can't imagine keeping my girl quiet for two weeks. She was better the next day and full speed ahead in two days.

Speedy recovery. :hug:
Oh yes speedy recovery to your baby!!
Well Wishes

She'll be better soon.

I remember when I spade my Spoo I slept on the floor with her the night she came home.

Well wishes for Dana!
Thank you so much everybody! Dana is doing very well. I got a little concerned yesterday because she wouldn't eat anything, but she sure made up for it today. She ate all her food plus a bunch of extra cookies and treats.

Thanks again, you guys are so nice! :D :love:

Dana says "thank you" too. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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