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This is Daisy I got her today :)

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Very cute!!!! Would love to see pics in better quality, she looks amazing! Congrats.

Thank you, yeh I will get better pics, these were off my phone, but was so excited and wanted to show her off I didn't want to look for the camera and new batteries lol :dance:
congratulations! she is a pretty girl! love the name!
Congrats!! She's lovely! How old is she?
She is a beauty! Till I got my two pups..never had seen a standard till these forums. I just can't get use to poodles being so big. Such beauty in magnified..how cool is that lol.
I'd always said if I was to have a poodle it would be a standard, my partners mum used to breed the smaller ones, and my partner says its weird seeing her old small chocolate poodle in a larger size lol. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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