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cute kitty uting photo

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Miso was picked up as a stray by the receptionist at the clinic I worked at. She was eating birds at the bird feeder at said receptionists sister's home. It was love at first meow and we've had her a just under a year now.

We used to take her out on the balcony at our appartment on her harness thinking she might enjoy being outside every once in a while since at the time she was trying to dart out any open door. She hasn't been outside since moving though 6 months ago. I put her on her harness and a leash and took her for a little outing in the backyard. She got to meet he neighbors cats (no worries, everyone is up to date on shots) who was very interested in her but not enough to be super friendly lol. We ket a close eye just in case.
She was pretty nervous at first. and Saleen dancing around trying to eat her didn't help. Once the dogs were put up though she relaxed and went exploring. She seems to have had a good time. I think I'll start taking her out in the back more often now, she really enjoyed rolling around in the dirt lol. She even went through the agility tunnel a couple of time ROFL.

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they do look a bit alike, how funny. The cat next door(he doesn't show up well in that sec. photo) could be Miso and Bitty's twin brother, he looks just like them both as well LoL. Tuxies are soooo adorable!!
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