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Hey, just wanted to share - been fighting skin infections with Tangee for years - it had gotten REALLY bad in the past 6 months or so - dermatologist, and regular Vet, different shampoo's, and 3 different antibiotics, daily baths, and it was just getting worse and worse. Was about to go back to the dermatologist, but was putting it off because I did not want to put her on yet another antibiotic so fast (but seriously, it was so bad that I think that "Animal Cops" would have taken her away for neglect if they saw her), when I remembered that when I was ordering her shampoo, I threw in a skin spray that was made by the same company, and here we are a month or so later and she is CURED!! The last of her scabs are almost gone, and the rest of her skin is crystal clear!
So here is the name of the spray in case anyone is having similar issues, it would certainly be worth a try!
PhytoVet CK Spray.
I was so happy that I ordered 3 more bottles lol, but doubt I'll ever have to use them because I'm only using it now after a bath (which has now gone back to our old schedule of around every 10 days), and I'm thinking of giving it up completely soon because she is perfect!
Oh, and I just started experimenting using it on two small cysts that Teaka has on her back, and one of them dried up to almost nothing already, and the other still is about the same, but it's only been a couple of days, so we will see... it would be so great if it works on those, because I have never had a poodle that did not get some of them eventually!
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