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I would love to know what is going on in their weird minds sometimes. Years ago our friends had a standard poodle who was weirdly, slightly disturbingly obsessed with one of our beardie's toys. It wasn't a snuggly toy if I recall, it was some kind of rubbery or stiff fabric puzzle/stimulation toy. He would whine/cry when he had it and fixate on it when it was taken away. We eventually hid it on behind some books on a high bookshelf when the dog came over and since it was never our dog's favorite we eventually forgot about it. Luc the poodle never did though. For years after, when he came over he would stare fixedly at the shelf for while at some point during his visit.
That's so funny and reminds me of my parents' old Shih Tzu and miniature Schnauzer. Both kept careful track of all our hiding places and never, ever forgot.

Peggy has zero interest in her toy "baby" today. I'm starting to think her odd behaviour might have been partially hormonal, and partially related to an event I almost forgot about:

We were playing tug with that toy and my finger somehow ended up inside her mouth. Like, all the way inside. I could feel the roof of her mouth. She didn't bite down or hurt me in any way. She quickly and carefully spit my finger out, and was very cautious after that, dropping the toy whenever my hand got anywhere near her mouth. A few days later, she began the whimpering.
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