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It's just one thing after another with you.

Once you actually decide what is really pissing you off about me then come to me about it. Now you are making comments about me comparing Pits to Poodles. Guess what Kela ..... if you would READ WHAT I WROTE CAREFULLY you would realize that I was making a statement about the mishaps (sp) of society. NOT COMPARING THE ACTUAL BREEDS!

I never said it was hurting the dogs either. My comment "poor dogs" meant nothing else then me thinking how ridiculous they look as dogs. Im not sure what you are read from my comments but you seem to be twisting everything I say and getting your panties all bunched up!

Its becoming a little more evident that you really have a issue with me. Im seriously done being trying to be civil to you. Take your creative grooming arguements to someone who cares.

I already know what it is and that it doesn't hurt the dog. It just look's ridiculous to me and I don't like the impression it gives!!!!! Do you understand what Im saying now???
21 - 22 of 22 Posts