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I'm sure a board boasting the beloved PonyDoodles creator has seen the camel, buffalo, etc (they loved it at Fark.com, my dh is the one who showed me), from the creative grooming thingy-

But if anyone's in the mood for a long drama read (that's not here! lol) about what they thought across the pond about it, this comments page is downright scary.

The comments of abuse by people who don't know poodles, & how they *love* touching & grooming & attention, likening it to bear-baiting as a cruel practice (and if they wanted to see 'cruel', check out an ungroomed poodle:scared:)- omg, I knew there were a lot of nutters in the world, but oy VEY.

(Long, but a brief scan will give you the jist.)The poodles transformed into pandas, horses and even snails at 'creative grooming' dog shows | Mail Online


1 - 2 of 2 Posts