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Cream or white?

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When we are talking about cream and whites, as puppies they change a lot in coat as they grow. Right now Jasper is mostly white with cream on the head and ears. When we go to register him, I don't know what we should put as his color. What's a good age to finally judge their color?
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What are the parents colors? A creme poodle as a pup will be pretty creme all over and more so on the ears and head. A white poodle puppy will be primarly white but will have some creme tinting on the ears and head slightly.

I think I have pics of a white poodle pup at 6 weeks. It's the female pup I WAS getting and she is a white spoo. Ive seen creme pups and they look considerably more creme all over then a white spoo will look at a young age.

Editing; I cannot get the pics uploaded...its saying they exceed the limits but they are not very big. Errr!

Well this is the pup at 5 months old I believe. Her name is Ciciley (white poodle pup showing). She still has some creme on her ears but over all is primarly white.

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