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hi all,

we are planning to do the crate training thing.

My question is this, when we are with the puppy in the room, just hanging out, do we keep the crate open in case the puppy wants to go in? Do we praise him when he goes in?

I am learning about crate training, but it doesnt say much about just letting the puppy go in when they want with the door open. It seems your suppose to keep it closed.

maybe IM reading this wrong.

plus, for dogs that are crate trained. If you go out for a little bit, when you put your dog in the crate, do you close it? or can you keep it open and the dog knows thats where he hangs when no one is home?

Just wondering about all this crate stuff. Growing up, we didnt have a crate, our dogs pretty much had full run of the house, furniture, bedrooms, and wherever it is they wanted to go...lol
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