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crate training

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hi all,

we are planning to do the crate training thing.

My question is this, when we are with the puppy in the room, just hanging out, do we keep the crate open in case the puppy wants to go in? Do we praise him when he goes in?

I am learning about crate training, but it doesnt say much about just letting the puppy go in when they want with the door open. It seems your suppose to keep it closed.

maybe IM reading this wrong.

plus, for dogs that are crate trained. If you go out for a little bit, when you put your dog in the crate, do you close it? or can you keep it open and the dog knows thats where he hangs when no one is home?

Just wondering about all this crate stuff. Growing up, we didnt have a crate, our dogs pretty much had full run of the house, furniture, bedrooms, and wherever it is they wanted to go...lol
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I'm not a professional crate trainer, so anyone please feel free to correct me. I would leave the door open while you are in the room. If she wants to go in there, you can give her a treat to let her know it's a safe and fun place to be. I would definitely close the door while I left the house. Again putting in a puzzle type treat to keep them occupied while you are gone.

My Mom still has the crate available for her little yorkies. They go in there and sleep together or sneak away to enjoy a treat before the other one finds out. LOL.

You'll know when/if you feel they are able to roam free while you are gone. I will keep my little one in a crate at first, but will let her roam at some point. I have a doggy door, so going in/out makes it easier. As a pup though, I don't trust that much freedom.

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I'm not a professional either, so this is just from what I've read, correct me if I'm wrong.

When your crate train a puppy your encouraging "den" behavior, and a den is basically dogs returning to their natural instincts of finding a safe, small, dark place to sleep in and rest. That's why crate training and potty training go hand in hand, because dogs don't like to soil their dens, discouraging them from going when you leave them in their crate.

A crate is your dogs den, so it's your dogs own personal space. Leaving the door open when your home will let her climb in and sleep, or relax with a toy. I would leave it open, because it's basically like your dogs room when she wants some alone time. It makes her feel safe.

When your not home, I wouldn't let her roam free until she is potty trained and you completely trust her.

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Leave it open, and praise him when he goes in... but when he goes in don't close it behind him.

It's important while you train them to have the crate in the same room as you so they can go in and out as they please... but at night make sure it's covered or in another room so you can stay strong ;)

Moose was crated trained mostly when we got him and after a couple weeks learned "crate" and "lets go to bed" and he'd walk in himself.... it wasn't until he was 2yrs old or so that he would go in by himself and just take a nap. (This could have beenb ecause the crate was in our bedroom, and then it moved to the office and living room where we spent most our time)

Now he naps in it, around it, outside it, etc..
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