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Hi everyone,
I just bought Bella a little over a week ago - she will be 5 months on June 22. I have already taught her how to sit, shake, and lie down, and she is already potty trained. Such a smart girl!
Unfortunately, my house is jam packed with animals (5!), and I don't have room for a crate for her, so I do not plan to crate train her. Is it okay not to crate train a poodle?
She sleeps in my bedroom at night and we haven't had any accidents, but since she likes to chew things (I'm assuming this is a puppy phase, we always scold her when we catch her with things she shouldn't have, trying to teach her quick), we put her in the kitchen with a gate when nobody is going to be home so she doesn't get into anything.
She absolutely hates that. She cries and barks and whimpers so loud that I can hear it even after I've left the house! She calms down eventually, since she is never still crying when I get home, but I'm not sure how long it takes her to calm down.
Is that simply puppy separation anxiety, and will she get over that eventually? When I move out (in a little over a year), I will be in an apartment or condo somewhere, and it may be an issue if she is so loud when I leave. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any suggestions?
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