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We have the crate in our bedroom and our room is not used much except at night. He's only been here for a couple of days but his whining has decreased a lot since we started it. The breeder didn't do crate training much but he was in an ex-pen. He's better at not crying for us to come and rescue him when we aren't in his eyesight but he's a baby so naturally he's afraid of being left alone. I just ignore it honestly. He did cry again last night and I have to just roll over and ignore it. Within the week he'll stop whining I'm sure of it but I could put a sheet over the crate at night. I just don't do it because I don't want him in the habit of having to be covered in order to quiet down. He needs to just be of the understanding that crate time is quiet time and when he's out he can play.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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