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I can not abide a barky/whiney dog! I feel like training a dog to be a quiet member of the family is one of the most important lessons you can teach.

A crate ideally needs to be in a quiet place away from household activity. My crates are in my grooming room in the basement. Practice tough love when it comes to putting a puppy in the crate for the night. As long as they went potty before you put them up for the night (usually around 11-12p.m for an 8 week old puppy) then you should not give in and take them out of the crate if they bark. They should stay in their crate until 5-6a.m. the next morning.

Around the house, I like to use a squirt bottle on puppies who whine or bark. Skaker cans work well too. If these don't work, you can step up to putting a little vinegar in the squirt bottle to give it a bit of a bite. When the puppy is older and clearly knows better than to bark in the crate, you can bang on top of the crate and say sternly "Quiet!"
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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