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Could allergies be to 'storage mites' instead of protein type or other ingredients?

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This is an interesting article by Dr Jean Dodds that talks about tiny mites that get into foods, especially cereal foods, which kibble is. I find it intriguing and wonder if some of the kibbles my dog had a problem with weren't the kibble, or certain ingredients at all, but instead that that particular bag had 'storage mites'.

Storage Mites in Kibble Pet Food

Just one quote from the article:
"How can you find out if your companion pet has an allergy to storage mites? An antibody test that measures the IgE levels is available. It requires a blood draw or skin prick.

Unfortunately, the primary and most common species of storage mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae (yes, there are several), cross reacts significantly upon testing with the common house dust mite, Dermatophagoides farina.

In layperson terms: if you have the test done and your pet’s results indicate an allergy to house dust mites, your pet could also have allergic reactions to storage mites. Of course, any scenario works between the two different mites, so you should take the validity of the results with a grain of salt. Because the results can show both, one, or the other. "

The unpronounceable mite names amaze me!

I got to thinking about this as I has a friend whose dog reacted terribly to a top quality dog food kibble with chicken in it, so she decided her dog must be allergic to chicken. However later discovered that her dog did just fine when she gave it a raw bone in chicken thigh several times, and also cooked left over chicken chunks (obviously without the bone as cook bones are a big NoNo for dogs. It never occurred to us it might not be the kibble, but maybe the kibble had mites and her dog could have been allergic to those. We didn't know about them.
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Interesting idea. However there’s usually many ingredients in kibble that just assuming allergies to chicken is missing all the other potential allergens in a product.
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