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Cooling coat

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Hello. Just wondering if anyone here has used or uses a cooling coat on their standards during the summer months. I live in Northern Ca where we get very hot in summer and were getting into that season early this year. My boys get hot very quickly even altho I dont walk them in any extreme heat or late in day etc it doesnt take much so I was thinking about trying one of these to see if it helped to keep their body temp down for our walks. Any input appreciated. Thanks!
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Yes I have a cool coat for Rory. I am very careful exercising him in summer (his main run is at 5am) but it’s useful for when we have to be out and about. It’s great for in between runs at agility too. I have the chamois type one that you soak in water and wring out. It works really well and Rory quite likes it.
Thank you. I was looking at the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler which does say you wet it and wring it out and then put on the dog so maybe same style? We do scentwork so could be useful for trial days or practice as well. I am very careful also to check surface temps, outside temps, pick shady spots, do early or late etc but they seem to get hot so quickly I thought anything that may help might be worth a shot.
I had never thought there was such a thing as a cooling coat - but I will now look into it for Asta - temps here are in the 90's.
I have cooling coats and also cooling collars. Anything that helps them from overheating is good with me.
Most of the outdoor agility trials here have moved indoors so rarely use it anymore, but when we did trial outside in hotter weather I used the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler and was happy with it......
I haven't used cooling coats, wouldn't they be a tad heavy? I have used gel cooling mats which only start getting cold when pressure is applied to it. My dogs LOVE them and they can be used anywhere, kennels/crates/sofa/beds/cars/outside.

I also do the obvious, short coat all over with a completely shaved tummy (down to the skin) blended into a longer grade on the chest. Freeze treats seem to be a favourite as well as ice cubes in the water bowl. Beau really likes lying in front of the fans on a cool surface. Any activities tend to happen at dawn or dusk.
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