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*shakehead* to blanket the whole breed casue of its sterio-type is wrong...

I have been around Bull terriers, Am staffs, Staffies and all they want to do is play. there is a Female Blue Am staff that is a regular dog meet i go to and all dogs are off lead, except on of our Afghans.

Pepper spray wont save you all the time... It may if not get you into more trouble, if you unexpectanly spary the wrong persons dog you may end up court, with legal action due to animal cruelty... Especially if the warrant is unprevoked. If you spray casue someone come to close or walks passed and the dog shows no aggression your in the deep end...

I hear it all the time with My Afghans... Oh you shouldn't let your dogs near the little dogs.. An afghan will kill your little dogs as that is what they where bred to do...


Yes an Afghan could kill my little dogs but they are never allowed to run free with them, the little dogs lay and lick the big dogs threw their crates and visa versa...

Also if you want to blanket cover a breed with all being agressive, I still believe it comes down to the owner and how they are trained.. a bit off track, but we have to cats here, the lady that owned the mother of them normally just left them, the previous kittens are FERAL!!!!, our 2 as snuggle pots, cuddling, purring affectionate, very much the opposite of what her other cats/mother is???

Sorry went a bit off topic etc :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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