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Regardless of what any breeder of Poodles of colour tell you, none of us can guarantee that the colour will hold and not fade. In reds, and I would imagine in browns, there are dilute genes, non dilute genes, graying genes.... so while we breed dark to dark hoping for dark, or light to dark hoping for dark, you can never be sure what you are going to end up with. There is a DNA test for the non dilute gene, but there is no test available for the graying gene, so while a dog may test out showing it has the non dilute gene, it may also have the the graying gene which will make it and/or its puppies fade eventually. We have a red female who has faded considerably, but when bred to a darker boy (darker, not super dark) most of their puppies are a deep rich mahogany. Will they hold? Some will because their first litter is thirteen months old now and they have continued to darken to this day. Others have become a beautiful rich fiery red.

I believe that cafe au lait is light brown not dark cream, and I think your puppy will be cafe au lait when it is finished changing colour. There are breeders out there breeding for this colour, so it is sought after and pretty too.

Ahhhh...breeding dilutes can be fun!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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