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Here are the ones I have heard...

Reds tend to be high strung...this I have seen, but who is to say its not the parents were not high strung and I have seen some high strung poos that where not red...I have heard the same thing about apricots as well. They have that "crazy red gene" in them...LOL.

Parti-colors (and this supposedly includes phantom and sables as well) tend to be more needing of a job...in other words parti-color poos will drive you CRAZY if not exercised properly and in abundance. Agian...any poo can drive you nuts if its bored! I do have to say out of my girls my parti-girls are the ones ALWAYS playing. Again...who is to say this is because of their color, or maybe its because they are all related and happen to love each other and want to enjoy each other? I have also heard people say that parti-colors are the smartest...which I guess could meant they are so smart you better play with them or they will tear your stuff up when you leave...again something any untrained poodle might do regardless of color. Not sure I believe them either...but I do think my parti girls are very smart.

I agree it has more to do with how they are raised then their color...if someone didn't know that Dolly and Peanut came from the same litter, they would probably never know...to the normal observer they act NOTHING alike. I think this is because Peanut was played with and loved when we brought her home, while I am pretty sure Dolly was stuck right into a crate and never let out.

The longer we have Dolly the sillier she becomes...so if I were to start a "poodle color rumor" I would say that "parti-colors have the best senses of humor."

All my parti girls deliberately will try to make you laugh...if its chasing their own tail, rolling in snow, or licking you in the face when they know you need it!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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