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I cannot speak as to color, my experience has been limited in that area. I can say that I groomed a big chocolate standard for a long time that was the sweetest, most intelligent dog ever... well next to my own maybe lol. In the salon currently I have a white/cream male that pee's on everything in site and is a general pain in the butt, a HUGE black male that wouldn't dare think of lifting his leg indoors (or out for that matter), who is very very smart but also very high strung. I also have a black girl that is driving her owner crazy with her hyperness, she is also smart but not able to focus at all.

As for training mini VS standard, I think it depends on the person. In general smaller dogs seem to be more challenging to train that larger ones and it has nothing to do with their level of intelligance and everything to do with the size difference between them and you. Simply put it is easier to follow through with a dog who is larger and easier to reach than a tiny one waaay down there on the floor. I wish I could explain it better..... Dang.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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