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Coat color question

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I'm looking to research colors some of the specific on coat color in poo's and am wondering if any of you have any good places to start. Specificly I want to know more about colors that fade, like the different variations between chocolate and cafe-au-lait, and Blue and Silver. I was surfing the web tonight blindly, just killing time, and ran across a breeder advertising Brown spoo puppies for sale. Her big sales picth was "won't fade". My question is how do you know? How can I look at a puppy without knowing it's genetic background and know what color it's planning on being? Is that even possible in poodles? I can look at a tibbie and tell you what color that puppy will be without question. But tibbies don't fade and change the same way poo's do. Do you just roll the dice so to speak in those cases. I'm obviously excluding the fact that the breeder would pressumably know what color mom and dad as well as there parents were and would know at least a little bit about the genetic involved with the colors. I want to know how (or IF) I can know what I'm looking at.

Hubby saw a picture of a red poodle the other day and is now leaning heavily on me to avoid getting another cream or white colored dog. He wants Silver/Blue, Chocolate, Red, or Black. I want to understand what that cute little *insert color here* puppy will look like when it's all grown up. I guess I'm a bad person but I am soo visual that I aside from health and temperment, color is very important to me.
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Ah, I really do NOT want a cafe', I think that color would drive me crazy. I'm a little to OCD I guess, same reason I dont like a lot of party colored dogs in any breed including my own. No offense to people who have either color/marking and love them. Honestly I don't care for Jazz's color either, the cream makes her look dingy sometimes and now that she has the sherbert colored organge and pinky stripes it makes it worse. Lesson learned.
Thanks, those links look helpful. Poodles need to whelp with little birth certificates (lol like cabbage patch kids), that say Hi, I'm a poodle and I will be XXXX color when I grow up.

Sure wish I could find a silver BlueFox, I would jump at the chance be it a boy or a girl. Any of color hubby says HAS to be a girl, but for a silver he said I could have either.
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LoL, My rings are white gold as well, and yup silver or blue is my favorite color in any aniaml. I've had three blue rats now and one of the new guinea pigs is silver. I think I will have to wait on a silver or blue, I really like the blues, spoo though. Hubby is reconsidering his stance on silvers because he thinks I still might be able to come up with a way to dye it. *giggles* At this very moment he's disgusted with me that we spend all weekend looking for green dye for Jazz. He says he wants a brown one (which means he wants a red or a bown since he doesn't reconize the difference between colors) or he wants a black one. I've veto'ed a black one unless it just has a perfect personality. Almost all the spoo's I groom are black and I want something different that you don't see every day around here.
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Maybe this is a goofy question buuuutttt, is there a norm as far as fading goes? I am getting the impression that it is difficult to find reds that keep their colors, most of them fade to dark apricot? Is the same true for chocolate, do most of them fade or is the cafe' a newer thing that is being intro'ed and marketed by some breeders as a "rare color"

I sure wish Jazz would "fade" to white LoL, I wouldn't trade her for the world though :)
Another obseration and two questions
I'm noticing the difference in color between the two dogs you posted roxy. It could the the photos and lighting but to me those two dogs are two very different colors or shades however you want to put it. Both colors are lovely by the way but I really like the first dog's color better than the second.
Question 1) what is the definition of red in poodles. Let me explain - In those two photos the first dog fits what I would call red in a tibbie, the second would be what I would think of as (sorry Jen) chocolate. It does kind of look like the chocolate hubby got my for V-day. Or maybe even cocoa.... thats what it reminds me of. So to me, that second dog would be beautiful brown. obviously thats not the case, that is a red dog, so where does red become brown and where does apricot become red? Or is it just a matter of perspective? We had a dog come in the shop a couple weeks ago that was that really dark brown/red. The owner said she red, and she really was beautiful, but when I think of red, that color isn't what jumps to mind.

I am not ever considering a red poodle, though if one fell in my lap I wouldn't pass it up. There is one I saw for sale not to far away to go get that is already spayed and everything and is about the color of that bright red dog you posted. I thought about it for about half a second and decided it would really bother me if that color faded so pass.

Which brings me to question 2) Do you think brown dogs are as hard to photograph as black ones? We don't have a brown color like that in tibbies and I don't have any brown/chocolate colored dogs in any breed that I groom so I don't know. I AM looking at a brown puppy that hubby likes and I am on the fence about color wise. I am nervous that it will turn that cafe' color for one and two I want to do a lot of creative clipping so I want to be able to photograph the dog and have it show up in pictures? Any thoughts?
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