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Co- worker lost her mind

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On wednesday my co worker came over to talk to me and my friend. Every time we get together we are always laughing and just talking BS.

Well my co worker Trina is just so hilarious ( she could be a comedian lol) I was telling her to see if she can give me a discount from her friend on canon cameras. Then I told her I have a professional type and then she asked what do I take pics of . I said my dog and flowers them my friend told her yea you need to see her dog he looks like a bear.

I showed her Enzo and she was like OMG I showed her the curled top knot pictures, banded pictures, and his new clip. She thought his new clip was not finished lol. I showed her a ch standard poodle and she flipped out saying no wonder you are crazy , hanging around that crazy looking dog all day. She then said she was going to call animal control on my sister and I because of how we curled his hair. She was joking though lol we all started to laugh.

Then yesterday she came to my desk with the funniest story. She told me she had a dream she was in a dog show with Enzo and she was trotting him around the ring, everyone was clapping and cheering she said, up until Enzo decided to take a dump in the ring lol. She said the crowd laughed at her She told me it was a nightmare HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Its so funny how a poodle could have that much impact on someone :)
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