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Clothes Cubes - findings and fun

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We keep our doggy stuff in those cute cubes you can buy... we have four, as we have four dogs, and they adorably sit on shelves in a book case.

Here are TQ and Perry's... very VERY full! They have too much stuff!

While going through their stuff and organizing/throwing trash away/trying on old clothes (in TQ's box).

Perry got a little rawhide that I forgot I had bought for him, and he is more than willing to eat it. Currently, he is laying in the floor on part of TheFiance's snuggie chewing on it. A very happy little poodle man he is! It must be SO hard being le petit prince!

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TQ and Perry's cubes runneth over! Great way to organize--I'd just have to keep them somewhere out of the path of my kitten, Susie. She'd have them knocked over on the floor in no time!

Perry looks snug as a bug in a rug!
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