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CKC Registration papers...

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Hey all, I know a lot of you are breeders and most of you have registered dogs... The breeder we got Bauer from never gave us any registration papers or really anything... just wondering what the standards are in terms of that? I have repeatedly emailed and called her asking for the papers and all I can do is leave messages. I never get a reply and I would like my papers in the event that I decide to place Bauer in a new home in the future... I'm also worried that maybe she didn't register him? How does that process work? I paid $1000 for a CKC registered dog and I'd like those papers.
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Sounds like you got the shaft. Contact the CKC and report her. Do you have a bill of sale?
Hmm... i just went through the file, don't see any record of the sale. I can easily get a copy of the cashed check from my bank though to prove I paid her $1000. I also have an info sheet she gave me with her contact information on it, about housebreaking a new puppy.

How would I know if she has actually registered Bauer? My mom hasn't heard back about the papers for her dog either, they are from the same litter... but she bought her previous dog from her in 1994 and it took a couple years for the breeder to get the paperwork to her. I do find it a little odd that she moved though, first to Kelowna, BC and more recently back to Ontario where she is from. I know her kids are both college age now so it's possible she just stayed in Alberta for them... But it does sound like we got screwed. I don't really care that much that I don't have papers but I'm assuming the CKC registration cost is included in the price of the puppy.. ??
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Not sure how the Canadian Kennel Club works but with AKC/UKC they have to register the little as a whole and then those papers are given to the buyer and they send off the actual papers to receive their registration number.

I would say you were lied to.
CKC works the same way. The litter is registered first, then a non-breeding agreement and indivdual registration follows for each dog. When I bought my puppy, I had to fill in my portion of the non-breeding agreement. That has both litter and dog information, including the microchip number of the puppy being purchased. Then I had to send in the application for registration of the puppy. Actually, I think that's supposed to be the breeder's responsibility and according to the CKC web site, the breeder is supposed to do that at no charge to the buyer.

Is your dog microchipped? Or tattooed? One of those identfication methods needs to have been used to register him. So if he's had neither, I think it's a safe guess that the litter wasn't registered.

You probably should call the CKC and see what they have to say.

When you bought Bauer did they say that the puppies were registered? I've found that many people selling puppies here mention purebred but when you ask, the puppies can't be registered because one or both of the parents isn't registered.

I hope you get this sorted out soon. Sounds like it's going to be a hassle getting anything from your breeder.
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Is your dog microchipped? Or tattooed?
I still haven't heard back, but Bauer is tattooed, on his inner 'thigh.' I suppose I could call it. I will try to call the CKC Mon or Tues and ask about it. The pups were older, about 12 weeks when my mom & I got them and they had registered names as far as I know, I recall asking the breeder if we needed to come up with those names and she said she'd taken care of it. When does that paperwork get filled out? Is it possible that the dogs were registered before we purchased them, and because of that our owner information was not entered? Maybe the breeder has just been lazy about forwarding that information?

I think I mentioned this but back when this breeder was breeding Schnauzers, my mom bought a giant from her and it took over 2 years to get the paperwork. She was almost 1 when my parents bought her and she had 2 litters before being spayed per the agreement between my mom and the breeder.

She has been breeding for over 40 years, she is well known and respected... I just can't see why she would just now start screwing people over, let alone my parents who have purchased 2 dogs from her.
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She could just be lazy about the paper work or like my friend I got Tuesday from, if I did not hound her for 2 straight weeks about getting me the papers I would not have had them.

She could have just forgotten, or has never been caught up with her paper work.
It sounds like, since she has done this a long time and since she is well known, she probably just got lazy about it. Maybe since it hasn't been pursued until now, she has filed the papers in her home/office and has to look for them rather than having them sitting handy,
I would keep emailing her and let her know that you are going to get ahold of the CKC too. I had to do this with an AKC dog that I had. I got scared but found out the breeders were truly really busy and were just slow to get around to it. But I wrote them weekly/biweekly until I got the papers and I did end up with them. Good luck!
The day picked Ginger up the breeder gave me the necessary papers but I had to file with AKC and they sent stuff back to me. But she didn't require that I didn't breed Ginger. She didn't care about that. When we got the minis the breeder made us sign that they wouldn not breed and said she would send the papers in and we would get them in mail but we never did. We didn't bother about it though; our dogs are great so far.
She has been breeding for over 40 years, she is well known and respected... I just can't see why she would just now start screwing people over, let alone my parents who have purchased 2 dogs from her.
Maybe she just isn't very good about getting the paperwork done, then. If you can't get any response from her, maybe you could call the CKC and give them Bauer's tattoo number to confirm that the puppies were individually registered. It's possible that she did register them individually before she sold them, especially if they're supposed to have their registered names. But if you didn't sign anything like a contract, I'm not sure if she could have officially transferred ownership with the CKC. I suppose the CKC might tell you who the registered owner is (assuming that's not against some privacy protection policy).

I hope you get this straightened out soon.
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