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I just groomed Chuui last night, and today I noticed for the first time that she has extra skin on the front of her neck! How did I miss this last night?! (Had to use the front camera on my phone - sorry for poor quality)

I am used to loose skin on our girls in general - Mochi has so much loose skin on her body (abdomen and neck scruff) we joke that she's wearing a poodle coat (the vet said she has no subcutaneous fat anywhere on her body), and Chuui has what we refer to as fat-rolls above her shoulders where her neck meets her back and also on her back-end just over her tail. We could always grab these rolls easily, but I've never seen the loose skin on her neck!

She's been on a diet for the last couple weeks, could this be a sign of weight loss? I mean to swing by the vets on a walk this coming weekend to see if she's lost anything. Her scruff and rump rolls still seem to be full of fat, but I wonder if those will go if she looses enough? I don't remember if we noticed them as soon as she came home or if it was at a later point. :alberteinstein:


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