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I went outside to put Nero's new collar on him, to discover our
Schnoodle "Chunk," dead. My husband and I are both very upset,
yet baffled on how he died, he was only little over a year old.
We highly doubt Nero, who is only a large puppy had anything to
do with causing him harm, they have been living together for 8 happy
months, and never no fighting. Nero is not an aggressive dog towards
other animals andpeople AT ALL. Chunk had his shots and everything,
and I didn'tnotice anything sickly about his behavior when we was
playing with him last night inside the house, he seemed fine. I'm just
so confused...and I have a heavy heart. :(

To make matters worse, Nero is very emotional and not like his self
at all. We've been spending time with him today to take his mind off
of poor Chunk. :(

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Sorry to hear about this mm. Maybe a heart attack.

Didnt realise you had so many other dogs there.

:hug: to you and hubby, thats sad news.

Thanks, Sivaro. It's just so strange. :(

We did have five dogs, but I let a lady who's puppy got ran over
whom she was extremely attatched to adopt our rat terrier "Scotty."
I know he is well taken care of. So now with Chunk's death we
only havethree dogs now, My two poos and nero our Catahoula.

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Wow MM, that's too bad. I wonder what happened. Is there anything around the house he could of got, poison or anything ? Any weird neighbors next door? You just never know about people these days.

Thats really soo sad to hear. Hope you figure out what happened and the rest of the pups remain ok.
Thanks everyone. :(

Jenn,Chunk stayed outsde, when my husband inspected the body
he said there was blood in the urine his body was still leaking, I
checked out a book from the library on dog symptoms, but couldn't
find anything concerning this.My husband says there is no poison
outside of our house either....so what could this be? He seemed
absolutely fine and playful the day before, it was so strange to
find him dead the next day.

Gosh, I'm just trying to piece it all together.... :(

I think a doggie tribute section would be nice as well.
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